Info 155 Q4 Where can I find "Roler alarm"?


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19 Settembre 2007

sorry for speaking english, although I am every year in italia I don't speak more words than I need not to starve ;-)

Weeks ago I've bought a 155 Q4 from an italian guy. The 155 Q4 is a fantastic car, especially in winter it's much better than a 164Q4 on my opinion. This 155 Q4 has an additional alarm system from a company called "roler". Unfortunately I got only one key with one alarm remote control. If I would loose this or if it would break down I would have a problem. So I would like to try a second key. Maybe this could be a mission impossible, but I give it a try.

Do you know an adress of "roler" or where I can get a second remote control?

Thanks a lot, alfisti!

Vince (from Germany)
Re: Where can I find "Roler alarm"?

Hi Vince, i had the same problem 'cause i lost a remote control; i fixed this problem just going to a car's electrical parts shop and showing my remote control's shape: they found another one very similar. I spent about 30 €
Re: Where can I find "Roler alarm"?

Hi Vince!!!

Have U got a brown Key??? This is the master key!
With this key you can buy another key and codify it by brown key!

Bye Bye

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Re: Where can I find "Roler alarm"?

Hi Vince,this is a link of Roler sellers,I think that they could help you searching a new key and a new remote for your 155...I hope to be useful for you. Merry chrystmas. Car Sounds & Security - Car security - Roler