Nuovo Selénia Quadrifoglio 5W40

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  1. 2 litres (70 fl.oz.) engine oil Quadrifoglio5W40

    foto Nuovo Selénia Quadrifoglio 5W40 - 1

    FCA has changed their recommendations for the 2.9 V6 Bi-TB engine in 2018.

    Selènia Quadrifoglio is the correct oil for
    • all Stelvio Quadrifoglio
    • all Giulia Quadrifoglio from VIN 7581688 on (engine which fullfill the EURO 6d emission standards)

    Petronas Selenia Quadrifoglio is a fully synthetic lubricant formulated to emphasize the sporting characteristics of Alfa Romeo engines with very high performance. It maximizes the sporting performance while maintaining total engine protection even in the most demanding driving conditions.
    This latest generation lubricant allows maximum engine cleaning, a more efficient use of the power supplied and an extension of the oil change interval.
    The new Selenia Quadrifoglio not only intended to lubricate and export heat but thanks to its high stability allows a perfect control of variable valve timing throughout the whole oil change interval.

    Technical data
    SAE 5W-40, ACEA C3

    Alfa Romeo's recommendation for the following engines / model series:
    • 2.9 V6 TB Quadrifoglio in various Alfa Giulia 952 and Stelvio (read the informations above!)
      necessary quantity for one oil service about 7,0 litres
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