Problem with premium shipping in the Netherlands

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    Hi, and welcome back.
    Your account on this forum has never been upgraded to premium.
    If you want to receive the card and the stickers, you have to subscribe the service from € 26.90, of course with paypal payment, we only accept that.
    Only in this way can it be updated at the Premium User level

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  2. Excuse me? I was premium from 17 april 2017 till april 2018?
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    Hi, you've been already registered Premium in past.

    Nevertheless, in our shipping list we haven't found someone living in Holland.
    You've probably skipped the form fill-in step in the past.

    For this reason I immediately send you a private message with a link to fill out the form, and I will report on my To-Do list, the high attention to your case.

    Best Regards
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  4. Hello @damitch300
    Did you receive our gadgets?
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