Problem with premium shipping in the Netherlands

Discussione in 'Comunicazioni e Regolamenti' iniziata da damitch300, 5 Ottobre 2016.

  1. ciao

    Voglio comprare premium ma non ho paypal.
    Come posso pagare ora

    E può adesivo del club essere inviato a Paesi Bassi?

  2. Sto caricando...

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  3. Excuse me, I have just a moment of time I try to answer to your private message.

    We try to find an opportunity
    A damitch300 e kormrider piace questo messaggio.
  4. Camionaro have the same problem!

    @Camionaro follow this topic please!
  5. Any news
  6. sorry for the delay,
    you can not use other methods.

    Paypal, however, accepts credit cards.

    We do not accept bank transfer, because it would be too complicated to associate your real name to the nickname and vice versa.

    With paypal is all automated.
  7. Hey J,kay. I finally got Paypal so i went forward and went Gold :)
    A Jogiu piace questo elemento.
  8. Excellent!
  9. What about the clubsticker etc? How do you want to procress that haha
  10. Hello, soon we send all the cards that we have in arrears.

    You have filled out your information correctly, I see them.
    Thank you

  11. J kay i never received anything of the cards and stickers.
    This stops me of renewing my subscription to this forum