uConnect 5 CarPlay or Android Auto

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  1. Hi All,
    How can I connect an Android dongle to my Giulietta uConnect 5"?
    I want to use Waze?
    Even better, is there a way to run Apple CarPlay on my Giulietta uConnect 5"?
  2. Sto caricando...

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  3. Hi,
    It's impossible with uconnect 5'' :(
  4. :( Is it easy to replace to another head-unit? uConnect with Apple CarPlay built in?
  5. Yes you can do it.

    Alfa Romeo offers the Alpine ILX 702-D infotainment as an alternative to the uconnect.
    It has Apple Carplay, Android Auto and rear camera.

    Contact your dealership to get it fitted

    More or less 8-900€
  6. This is really expensive.
    I think that there's a way to connect an Android dongle to the original system, and switch view somehow.