166 2.0 V6 TB Timing belt tensioner

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  1. Hello everyone!

    I have a nice 166 2,0 V6 TB -98 which is extremely rare in sweden.
    I think it's more common in italy, though. That is why im asking in this forum!
    It's time to do a timing belt change. I have been looking around for a tensioner on various sites and pages, but i have found nothing for my particular engine.
    My questions are simply:

    Is the tensioner the same on any other alfa romeo V6 engine?
    Does anyone know where i can aquire one?
    What is the interval for timing belt change on the 2,0 TB V6 engine?
    Are there any special tools needed, and, about how long will the change take for an experienced home mechanic?


  2. Sto caricando...

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