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Official Guidelines

1. No Spam
- Spam is defined as self-promotion, also known as "annoying, stupid and without construct". Advertising for other sites, postings only images, videos, numbers / figures or just icons will also be considered as spam. Repeated messages with the same meaning, responses without relevance, or post made with the sole purpose of self-promotion, will be canceled and user will be temporary or permanently banned.

2. No erotic material - Post erotic or pornographic materials are strictly forbidden. Transgressor would definitely be excluded (banned).

3. No Flaming - Flaming is defined as a personal attack due to religion / politics / knowledge different point of view. Although constructive discussions are encouraged by us, some opinions can become personal insults and this should be avoided both on the forum and in personal messages. Moderators will warn once, then profiles will be temporary suspended.

-3.1 No Political Discussions - On our forum political discussions are not welcome, incidentally:
No insults of any kind aimed at political or public figures, no apologies of political ideologies, any form of propaganda towards a political part or exponent is forbidden.

4. No Trolling - The reverse side of Flaming, the Troll is the one who instigates other users to insult him. Phrases like "Alfa sucks" "Alfa scrap" "Al-fiat" will be considered as trolling, and the person will be excluded from our forum. Feeding or responding to provocations of trolls is considered equally against the rules. Choose the avatar, nickname or provocative signatures also falls in trolling / flaming.
Anyone can write news or comments, but these must be supported and presented impartially and without prejudice.
Anyone who writes without referring to concrete facts or articles in support, doing trolling, will be considered as a user whose intentions are to damage the forum and therefore will be permanently excluded, so avoid any adjective denigrating people or things .

5. No Illegal Sites / Material protected by Copyright - It is strictly forbidden publish, insert links or ask where to find paid software protected by copyright illegally, navigation maps, serial codes, and more.
"The Violation" of this rule can usually lead to a temporary suspension of your account or permanent exclusion.
This material will be immediately removed by irrevocable staff decision.

6. Signatures and Avatars - The signatures are images or personalized texts positioned below people’s answer, the Avatars are the images that appear immediately under the Nickname of each member. It is a common practice for people to have their own personalized signature and this is perfectly acceptable as long as they contain nothing about Sex, bad taste, images of politicians or characters connected to ideologies of any type, links to businesses , links and phrases and any reference to other clubs or forums not explicitly authorized by the Staff.
The violation will result in the removal of the personal signature and a prior warning, in case of recidivism will be assigned an infringement of 1 point value.

7. Insubordination and Disputes - Insubordination is simply not to hear the Moderator’s lines, to ignore the rules, the result will be a suspension, or in serious cases a permanent exclusion.
The moderators work is unquestionable and can only be judged by the forum administrator. However, it is allowed to ask for explanations, but in personal messages. Any complaints must be made per e-mail or internal messages (pvt). Each thread will be immediately closed with the object of dispute arguments in a polemical key. Who should insist on such an attitude, will be immediately removed from the forum according to the unquestionable judgment of the moderators.

8. No requests for positions of responsibility / Mod - The Mods and Admin are happy to promote any users to a position of responsibility, if we find an attitude inclined to discipline, responsibility, friendliness and maturity. One way to demonstrate the exact opposite of all these qualities is to explicitly ask for a position of responsibility. If you are eligible for the position, we will contact you, not the opposite
Violation of this, will result in a warning, continuous and continuous requests will result in a suspension of your account for 48 hours.

9. Exclusions and Suspensions - Although we like to have an open dialogue with our users, a Ban is a Ban.
A user excluded from the forum can not re-register with another nickname; on this forum the nicknames are not banned, but the people, for obvious reasons.
If an excluded user rewrites himself to the forum and is discovered by moderators or administrators, he will be ruled out again. If this user continues to rewrite, with the sole purpose of challenging and hindering the regular conduct of discussions on the forum will proceed with the report to the competent authority and the provider used.
Do not send E-mail to ask why I was excluded or suspended, ** Your lack of understanding of the regulation is probably the reason itself. *.

NB: In case of request from the competent authority, the administrator of Club Alfa Italia will make available all the information in its possession to assist in the identification of users who have behaved non-legal
9.1 Avoid multiple registration - Our computer systems warn the staff in case of multiple uses at the same time, pretend to be different people or insert photos and false data, is serious and is subject to exclusion from the forum.

10. No abuse E-Mail - It is unacceptable to use e-mails of users found here on the forum and report them as spam in their mailbox, send them threats, insults, etc. Those who abuse will be excluded from the forum, and will be reported to the competent authorities.

11. No advertising to other sites - We adopt a strict "No Advertising", obviously links to sources of articles, pdf, technical data sheets are allowed, however insert links to commercial activities outside of our partners and sponsors that have not been previously approved by admin are prohibited.

12. Do not abuse Smiles - Smile is a great way to express your emotions / feelings on a topic, but many Smiles in one answer (or a series of answers) are annoying and slow down the forum at all. For these reasons we ask you not to abuse the Smiles feature.

13. Use only the color Black for the texts and the standard font size- In order to make it easier for everyone to read, we recommend using the default black text and not using the font size other than the standard. You can use a different color to highlight the key aspects of your answer, but most of the text should be published in black. You can use a different font size to highlight a word but not the entire sentence / period. Female members are excluded from using the black text. Mods and admin are exempt from this rule.

14. Do not impersonate moderators and administrators - Includes acting as if you were moderators or pretend to be such for example by sending personal messages to a user by telling him that will be banned or promoting new forum policies without having previously obtained stafff or admin’s permission.

15. No Highway Code violations - Discussions regarding the violations of the highway code are forbidden; especially dangerous behaviors, clashes, clandestine competitions. Anyone who write such things will see deletion or change post.

16. Reporting incorrect messages - Please use the appropriate forum option, marked by the photo icon Rules and policies of the forum - 2 located at the bottom left of each message, to report to the moderators any irregularities of certain messages by specifying in the object of the notification.

17. Invitations and advertising of other forums privately or publicly - Any attempt to use the forum, even through private messaging, aimed solely at distracting users from other sites / forums will be considered a serious lack of respect for ClubAlfa ethics. it and as such will be sanctioned with permanent exclusion. If you want to stay with us and advertise your forum, contact the Community Manager.

18. Club Garage Rules - All Alfa Romeo owners are free to enter their vehicle in our garage, to receive comments on changes made or to be made. Please note that the photos must not contain plates or any private reference concerning the owner of the same (surname, name, plate, chassis number etc.), the Staff reserves the right to arbitrarily decide on the cancellation of the car, even if requested by the member.
Cars will therefore be considered "objects" as if they were normally parked on public roads.

19. Cancellations from the Forum - Users of may at any time request cancellation of their account and personal data, using the appropriate function in the menu of their profile, as shown in the following photo
The messages, the photos published freely and all the writings inserted in the public areas by the user, will not be canceled, neither under request, because they are published freely on a public forum and are part of the history of the forum itself.

Editorial Policies, Responsibilities and Rights
1a. Language - Since our forum is not just about Alfa Romeo but also about everything that goes around it, every reflection of our users will be appreciated. Please express yourself correctly and refrain from doing abbreviations as much as possible (which includes the classic written by sms). This will improve the forum but also the ability of each person to write appropriately.
Do not write in uppercase.
2a. Respect the "Staff" - Very often they are despised because of their role. Moderators are here to help you, working hard for the benefit of each user. Whether free thinking is encouraged, try to force yourself to understand the decisions made by the Moderators that are always taken in the collective interest on what is believed to be the best for the forum itself. Show respect and appreciation for their work, they need it!
If Davinci Media is required to answer out-of-court or in court by third parties for damages due to prohibited conduct, in particular with reference to point 5 of the Rules, only the users who have committed the event will be held liable.
In the event that users of the forum are responsible for slanderous or defamatory messages from which it achieves any judicial initiative, the Staff can not in any way be held jointly responsible for the crime.
The authors of this Forum and its moderators, can not guarantee a constant presence, 24 hours on 24, on the forum itself, nor guarantee the immediate removal of the disputed messages. assumes no responsibility for the content that will be placed on this discussion forum and the consequences that these may cause, because they are voluntarily posted by the participants. Partecipants take responsibility for their public posts and for sending PM and e-mails, which are not completely controllable by the Staff.
ClubAlfa reserves the right to interpose on posts that, following "random" checks or reports, are deemed inappropriate due to the form and / or content of this forum and in violation of the provisions of the civil and criminal code.
We can only guarantee the maximum availability in removing / modifying as soon as possible those contents that will be considered, without any doubt, harmful to third parties.
The following is to the user's attention: in compliance with Law 633/1941, Law 128/2004 and subsequent modifications, this forum is the exclusive owner of the copyright of the information contained in it since its publication. At the same time as signing up and registering, the user accepts that the texts he produces and all other material (audio, video or photographic) become "property" available to and its editor Davinci Media, after the voluntary publication by the author.
It implicates that all messages, information and visual material contained in the pages can not be copied or published by other people, except the author himself, even if modified and / or partially deleted, and can’t be deleted, if not consensual with the administration.
Every use of material published on our pages must be authorized in writing, directly by the Staff with explicit request.

4b. No Rights to Artificial Intelligent System and Robots Automation
The owner of this website does not consent to the content on this website being used or downloaded by any third parties for the purposes of developing, training or operating artificial intelligence or other machine learning systems (“Artificial Intelligence Purposes”), except as authorized by the owner in writing (including written electronic communication). Absent such consent, users of this website, including any third parties accessing the website through automated systems, are prohibited from using any of the content on the website for Artificial Intelligence Purposes. Users or automated systems that fail to respect these choices will be considered to have breached [these Terms of Service][this Agreement].

We have included on the pages of this website a robots meta tag with the “noai” or “noimageai” directive in the head section of the HTML page. Please note that even if such directives are not present on any web page or content file, this website still does not grant consent to use any content for Artificial Intelligence Purposes unless such consent is expressly contained.

The direct use of texts or other types of publication (audio and video) can only be tolerated if, at the same time as the reproduction (partial or total) must be explicitly indicated the source and the author and above all there is a written authorization from Clubalfa and the author!
Any violation will be prosecuted by Italian law.
Acceptance by members
By registering to this forum the user agrees to comply with the rules described above and the forum policies and declares to have fully understood the consequences of rules trasgression.

The user must also be aware of the fact that these rules are susceptible to changes at any time and the user agrees to comply with the new rules introduced aftewards.
The user must also understand that the forum is not a democracy since the majority does not automatically determine the correct behavioral line (even though actions concerning important topics are often taken after consulting users).
If you believe that everything is congruent and you have read and understood the policies of the forum, you are welcome in our community!

Enjoy our forum!
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