[GUIDA] Wireless charging Ricarica Wireless nel porta oggetti

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  1. It's true, for this reason i want use this charging mode with a mirror link device


    Vero, per questo motivo voglio usare questo modo di ricarica con un dispositivo mirror link
  2. Stavo valutanto proprio stasera questa soluzione, ma la mia idea era di prendere il cassettino portafusibili della my2014 e portare l'alimentazione fino a li...

    Inviato dal mio cellulare usando la tastiera!
  3. Anche questa è un'ottima idea
  4. Exactly. Plus it ruins the plugs and with induction charging your battery will not get ruined in its lifelenght.
    I also putted a wireless pad in my desk and next to my bed.
    I have 2 batteries. One i used for 4 months with adapter. And one i have for 5 months with induction charging.
    The one i only charged with induction now gives me 23 hours use and the one with adapter about 15. Both with music on bicycle and gaming. Aprox the same use.
    Plus if you buy the decent equipment you can charge it faster then normal 2Amp chargers.
    But i got a Note 3 with usb3.0 so it doesnt work for me yet.

    But there are car fabricant like Mercedes in corporation with ??? that wants to use induction charging for electric cars because it charges faster.

    I am now waiting for a new charging kit to come out soon wich gives higher output.
    I also bought a new receivet 2 times as strong as this one.
    When i drive it keeps the phone at current level battery while playing music through bleutooth.
    I want it to charge also while using that.
  5. If you are going to do this. Can you maybe make an DIY?
    Thanks :)
  6. Very great job!
    I saw it in the new Jeep cheeroke of a friend ad i was thinking how to the same. Did you find any solution for the plug?
  7. Of course
    I have taken the mid rest apart and i fitted the wire beneath it until the 12V socket.
    Here i used cable splitters which used a plastic clip with metal on the inside. I opened the isolation from the original cable a bit and put this one inside it.
    It has 2 sides actually.
    So on the other side of the clip i put the cable for the wireless charger.

    I want to rebuild my system for a more modern and better charging pad. So i can make a new DIY if anyone wants.
  8. Gentilmente, traduzione in Italiano. Grazie!

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  9. Hello Wurth.

    I will try to translate this into Italian.
    If anyone is willing to help with this, i would be very thankfull!
    Since more and more people have wireless charged phones, this will be more ideal and populair to use!
  10. Questo forum è ITALIANO. Quindi per rispetto di tutti quelli come me devi scrivere in modo comprensibile anche per noi. Quindi organizzati per tradurre il testo in Italiano. Grazie per la tua collaborazione! [emoji106]

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