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  1. Hello, the world is definitively small... after the French Classic Club I see you here !
    Keep on pushing, your initiative is really worth the effort.
    I don't have an Alfa 90, but I noticed that you were asking above how many 90 are still on the road in Italy. The answer is on the internet site of ACI. There are 2,183 2 litres, 1,958 2.4 turbodiesels, 714 2 litre V6s, 642 1.8 litres, and finally 231 2.5 V6s. So 5,728 Alfa 90s in all.
    Good luck with your register !
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    Still very quit with Italian Novanta Owners
    Ancora molto rinunciato con i proprietari italiani di Novanta
    Un piccolo spinta verso l'alto

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    Registro & my Alfa 90 2.0i

    And a little "up" again.
    Two weeks ago, the Dutch Transaxle Meeting
    foto Registro Alfa 90 2.0i - 1
    Hope to hear from the Italians :ernaehrung004:
  4. Especially as there are still over 5,500 Alfa 90s officially registered in Italy as per ACI database...
    Good luck !
    If you need some help with translations (in order to avoid meaningless Google-speak) let me know
  5. Well... long time ago, but if you can translate a request for me...
    I´m in Italy 12-23 Augustus and love to meet with some other 90 owners. Garda Lake Area.
    If you know a "raduno" or 90 owners who are willing to meet, just let me know. Tnx
  6. Frits sarà in Italia tra il 12 e il 23 agosto e gli piacerebbe incontrare altri proprietari di Alfa 90 nella regione attorno al lago di Garda.
    Se ci sono delle persone interessate...
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