Compatibilità RadioNav 1.22.04_RNM

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    sorry for asking in English. I'm from Germany and this forum seems to have the best information.

    I have a Giulietta from 2010 with RadioNav and first Blue&Me generation. Current RadioNav firmware is 1.21.05_RNM.

    I have two questions:
    • Can I install version 1.22.04_RNM without fear?
    • What has been changed with version 1.22.04_RNM? I know about the option to disable voice commands for navigation.

    These are the problems I noticed in my car and wish they would be solved:
    • Titles / Artist of MP3 files is not always displayed after start (it seems they are only displayed if I switch the track manually at least once)
    • The flip-up screen sometimes "stutters" while it opens after the car war turned off
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