Coperchio Recupero vapori olio 1750 tbi

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  1. @ ZioDaedrico

    Why is there a need to replace the cap for the oil vapor system?

    Can I just use an oil catch can on the existing system?
  2. The cap of oil sistem is not a normal cap . Inside have a valve. This valve cange the aspiration of turbo or mainfoald . In not possible only put the tank . Nead modification the valve inside .
  3. OK, so you remove the original cap which has a valve inside and you put the ca you manufactured and then you do not have the valve any more?

    You get the fumes to the atmosphere only with one hose?

    Where did you place it on the car?

    Tank you
  4. No . Inside need modification the valve .
    I have to use mine because the original one does not stand because the system no longer works in depression but under pressure

    For the fume is your choise . Use a tank or other

    I have put only the hose down of the car .
  5. @AlexMi @ZioDaedrico

    Siete autonomi nel darci un taglio o dobbiamo prendere provvedimenti noi?
  6. Stavo cercando il tasto ignora . Appena lo trovo taglio subito io .