Giulietta 1750 TBi 235 CV - Turbo Danneggiato!!!

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  1. The problem of youre turbo is the catalyst for the hi temperature the exaust part of turbo crack but this it appens only when you have a sport drive . See this guide . Here have all you need know to the 1750 engine
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  2. I have a full opened exhaust, all Ragazzon from DP to rear muffler. That problem is solved. I am interested in if the 235 and 240 turbo are the same. Can I mount the 240 turbo on the 235 QV?
  3. Yes is possible but nead a modification for a wastegate sistem . The 235 work in pressure and depressure . The 240 onli in depressure . Need put the wastegate of 235 cv and create a bypass for take pressure in the part cold of turbo . Is easy . The turbo is the same cange onli the impeller . The turbo of 240 have much power at hy rpm
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  4. Is strange you have break the turbo . The ecu map is ok ?
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  5. Azzz....Zio.
    Non ti sapevo poliglotta.
    Poligiulietta si.... ma così mi lasci di stucco....
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  7. The only thing I need to do is to replace the wastegate on the new turbo for the one on the 235?

    I do not understand the thing you wrote about the bypass.

    Do you maybe have some pictures?

    The ECU is remapped.

    But this problem is now lasting from the time I bought the car. I bought it used with 64.000 km, now it has 87.000 km.
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    Have you cange the pipe of oil ? If you see the guide i have link up is write all problem of 1750 tbi engine and solution down i put the link of mi car modification . If you see the pictures see the modification
  9. Yes, I have read the guide and it is very useful, thank you for that.

    I have but the upgrade pipe, will be installed with the new turbo.

    But the pipe is not responsible for cracking the exhaust housing. High load/temperatures do that.

    I also have a Turbosmart blow off (diverter valve) on the Turbo, much better then the original.
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